Treat Your Car to a Spa Day

Treat Your Car to a Spa Day

Turn to us for auto detailing services in Killeen, TX

Your vehicle can take a serious beating on the road. If you'd like to make your car look like new, we can help. Gifted Hands Auto Detailing provides thorough car and truck detailing services. You can count on us to restore the appearance of your paint job, engine, undercarriage and carpet to like-new condition.

Full car detailing services start at $175.00 plus tax, and full truck detailing services start at $225.00 plus tax.

Stop by today at 4701 South Clear Creek Road, Suite B in Killeen, TX to get affordable auto detailing services.

Top reasons to get auto detailing done

If your car has seen better days, swing by Gifted Hands Auto Detailing for professional auto detailing services.

We'll bring your old car back to life by:

  • Preserving the paintwork
  • Eliminating dust and dirt buildup
  • Extending the life of your leather surfaces

We have the crew and cleaning supplies needed to give your vehicle a much-needed makeover.

Contact us now to find out more about our car and truck detailing services in Killeen, TX.