Take Your Car Wash to the Next Level

Take Your Car Wash to the Next Level

Inquire about our car pet hair removal services in Killeen, TX

A regular car wash will leave your vehicle looking fresh and clean. But what if you could take things up a notch? Gifted Hands Auto Detailing provides a variety of additional car cleaning services, including car pet hair removal, area rug cleaning, leather care and more.

We'll be glad to give you the details about our additional services. Call 254-226-3029 today to arrange for interior car shampoo services in Killeen, TX.

Find out more about our add-on service options

Gifted Hands Auto Detailing wants you to get the most bang for your buck. We offer a range of car cleaning services at reasonable rates. Our service options include:

  • Boat and horse trailers - $50.00 and up
  • Car pet hair removal - $100.00 and up
  • Shampoo inside - $45.00 and up
  • Area rug cleaning - $25.00 per rug
  • Leather care - $25.00 and up
  • Glass rain repellent - $15.00
  • Hand wax - $50.00 and up
  • Motorcycles - $25.00

We also take special requests if you don't see the service you're looking for. Visit us today to get an interior car shampoo service in Killeen, TX.